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Our office is both aware of and attuned to the unique tax situations of LGBTQ people

Taxes for the LGBTQ Community

Domestic Partnerships and Taxes for the LGBTQ Community

Filing taxes is never a fun or enjoyable activity, and it is rarely easy and straightforward. But if you are a member of the LGBTQ community, the process can be particularly frustrating. This is because tax preparation software is simply not written with an eye to the specific needs of LGBTQ individuals and couples. 

There are credits and deductions that are particularly applicable to the personal situations of LGBTQ people, and Professional Bookkeeping Plus professionals are both aware of and attuned to these specifics. We are especially aware of the unique issues that gay couples need to consider around the subjects of tax and estate planning, whether they are married or Registered Domestic Partners (RDP).

Our experience in optimizing the deductions and credits available is reflected in the refunds our tax return preparation clients have received from the IRS, and the LGBTQ community can have confidence in our ability and knowledge of how these tools apply to them. We can help you:

  • Review status and file an amended return following the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

  • Select the correct tax filing status

  • Complete complex tax returns

  • Ensure that you are in compliance with all tax laws

  • Review your tax options based on your legal status and state of residence

  • Provide specialized estate and trust tax services for LGBTQ clients

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